Philanthropy: “A Cruise for A Cause”

November 28, 2020 – On Friday November 28th, Saker Capital Ltd. and Trowers & Hamlins LLP hosted a fundraising event entitled “A Cruise for A Cause” for the benefit of The Little Wings Foundation.

The Little Wings Foundation provides treatment for children in need of surgery, where there are no resources for them to otherwise receive the help that they require to lead the normal, carefree lives of children.    

The Little Wings Foundation is run purely by volunteers — from the directors to the management staff to the many medical professionals who join to support the needs of the children, all provide their services free of charge, and thus 100% of all donations they receive go directly to benefit the children.

When establishing the goals of the “A Cruise for a Cause” event, our primary objectives were to:

  • provide a unique, personal and interactive forum to raise awareness of The Little Wings Foundation;
  • raise money for The Little Wings Foundation to fund at least one of their “missions”; and
  • have fun.

We are delighted to announce that we exceeded our expectations on all fronts!

The evening was highlighted by a tremendously informative and moving presentation by Dr. Marc Sinclair, founder of The Little Wings Foundation and the auction of a framed print of “Afghan Girl”, autographed by National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry. “Afghan Girl” was named the most recognized photograph in the history of National Geographic magazine.

We wish to expressly thank Dr. Marc Sinclair, Seonaid Biagioni and Gillian Beale of The Little Wings Foundation. Their selfless acts of kindness, commitment and devotion to this wonderful cause are truly inspirational and humbling.

Once again, we are tremendously thankful to our guests and donors for their participation, contributions and support of this exceptional organization. We hope for continued support in the future.


Mark Beirl, Managing Partner
Saker Capital Ltd.


Bill Jefferies, Partner
Trowers & Hamlins LLP

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