Private Equity

Real Estate Private Equity investing involves taking direct ownership of commercial real estate properties with the general expectation of current cash yield and capital appreciation throughout the investment horizon. Investment success is highly dependent upon identifying quality opportunities, mitigating risk, and precise execution of strategy.

Saker Capital Partners LLC (SCP) is the principal investment division of Saker Capital Ltd. SCP was established to make direct investments in North American and European commercial real estate on our own account and on behalf of our growing base of co-investment partners.

We are absolute return focused, with the preservation of capital being our primary investment discipline as we strive to create value for our investor partners throughout all stages of market and capital cycles.

SCP targets investments that offer attractive current yields and capital appreciation supported by long-term fundamentals, focusing on multifamily residential apartments, student housing, managed care and mixed-use property types that demonstrate inelastic demand curves.

Our rigorous, disciplined investment process is oriented toward capital preservation and value enhancement. We partner with proven owner/operators (sponsors) of commercial real estate who have consistently demonstrated their specialized acquisition and operational expertise to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns. We actively work with these sponsors to provide an unbiased, aligned, direct investment platform for sourcing, managing and realizing value through our active, hands-on, principled approach to real estate investment management to ensure optimal results are achieved.

Through our long-term relationships with sponsors, investors, private placement agents and other intermediaries, SCP gains early access to commercial real estate investment opportunities, thereby enabling the potential to influence their structure, terms, and economics; thus providing our investor partners the opportunity to invest with a variety of sponsors that may not have traditionally accessed capital from our investment partners.

SCP manages assets for our institutional, endowment, foundation, corporate, family office and high-net-worth individual investment partners. Connecting people, ideas, and capital, SCP’s vision is to be widely recognized for offering exceptional client service, compelling investment products, and achieving superior investment returns.

“There are two times in one’s life when you should not speculate: when you can’t afford it, and when you can.” – Mark Twain

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