Saker Capital Partners was formed with the expressed purpose to capitalize on the fundamental dislocation in the real estate capital markets by matching private investor’s capital with experienced niche real estate operating companies so that all involved will benefit from these pooled resources. Through an integrated, proactive team approach to investing centered on fundamental research, market knowledge and risk/reward alignment, SCP’s highly-skilled investment professionals identify, evaluate, structure, execute and manage commercial real estate investments on our own account and on behalf of our growing base of co-investment partners.

Our primary investment objective is to reduce the potential for loss of capital by carefully selecting investments based on in-depth market analysis that demonstrates a high probability of meeting performance expectations. We aim to meet expectations by investing in recession resilient property types, using conservative levels of leverage and maintaining adequate levels of reserves.

We seek investment opportunities offering superior risk adjusted returns by targeting investment prospects in demand driven markets, with limited price elasticity of demand and barriers to entry.

SCP’s primary focus is on the “Value Added” segment of the real estate investment spectrum by purchasing properties in need of improvement or repositioning, with the goal of adding value and therefore raising the potential for improved current yields and future capital appreciation and monetizing at an opportune time for gain. Properties are considered value added when they exhibit management or operational problems, require physical improvement, and/or suffer from capital constraints. Value-added strategies can include the redevelopment of a building or part of a building, re-tenanting to improve tenant quality, or the addition of square footage to an existing property.


We partner with prudently selected proven local sponsors with specialized expertise in the multifamily, mixed use, student housing and assisted living sectors who have consistently demonstrated a high degree of integrity, combined with the replicable ability to acquire assets below replacement cost and employ value enhancement strategies to improve property cash flow, thereby delivering performance to investors. We carefully negotiate terms with our sponsor partners to ensure transparency, strong governance and the alignment of interests and only invest with sponsors who put their own capital at risk and who participate in incentive fees only after investor capital has been returned, and as a result we are able to acquire, maintain, and exit real estate assets optimally.

We structure our investments either conventionally or in adherence to Sharia Law, working together with some of the most reputable Islamic scholars, as well as legal, tax and advisory firms.

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